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Pre-Trip Planning Tips

Keep your planning simple. Don’t over schedule!

Do a little research and then get recommendations from friends and family. Based on that you can decide on a few “must-do’s” and leave the rest of the time for other discovery and surprises. 

Be flexible 

You’ll appreciate the simplicity of your plan when your little ones have their own "must-do's" during the vacation – or when "children are children." In other words, be prepared to make fun out of those unexpected moments and just be flexible with your plans.

Florida can get Hot, Hot, Hot!

Remember, there are lots of sunny days in Florida, so don't forget to pack some sunscreen and hats. The weather can also change at the drop of a hat, so it would be a good idea to bring a light rain poncho or small umbrella that you can pack in your back pack.

Protect those feet 

Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes. If you do purchase new tennis shoes prior to the trip, break them in beforehand. Otherwise, you may be dealing with some mighty blisters. Speaking of blisters, moleskin does wonders. It is a thick, Band-aid-like rectangle, with sticky on the entire backside. Just take scissors and trim it to what you need.


Make a budget

Before you leave home, go ahead and decide how much you want to spend each day on meals, snacks and on souvenirs. Give the kids an allowance on how much they can spend. Once you get to Disney, do your best to stick to your budget! 

Tips for Saving Money at Disney


Pack a lunch

One big way to save is to have groceries with you and bring your own food into the parks. Believe it or not, Disney allows you to bring food into the park with you. Some things you could bring:  Chips, crackers, granola bars, trail mix, and if you want to pack sandwiches you can do that too. Just make sure to keep perishables cold because the Florida sun can heat things up really quickly! Oh, and yes - Disney Resort do have mini fridges in their rooms.

Have breakfast in your room

This tip goes along the same idea of packing a lunch. If you are able to bring cereal, yogurt, fruit, or even some peanut butter and bread, you will be able to save a little money there. If you aren't able to bring it from home, don't worry! Almost all of the Disney Resorts have a mini convenient store on property that carry these types of breakfast items. It saves a little money over buying an entire breakfast at one of the restaurants inside the Disney Theme Parks! 

Bring your water 

Bring a refillable water bottle. Pack it in your backpack and refill it at the many refill stations Disney has situated around each of their parks. You can also go into any counter service restaurant and ask for cups of ice water to refill your bottles with nice cold ice water. Perfect for those hot park days!

Buy discounted Disney Gift Cards

Disney gift cards can be used to pay for Lodging, food, tickets, and souvenirs on Disney property. Load up on them before your trip! You can find discounted cards at your local Costco or Sam’s Club.  You can also use your Target Red Card or Chase Sapphire Card to save 5% on cards.


Relax on your arrival day

If you're flying into Orlando and arriving  after noon, it would be best to save your money and skip buying a park ticket for that day. It's hard to know how everyone will be feeling after a long trip and you never know if your flight will be delayed. The arrival day is a great day for checking out Disney Springs or maybe just relaxing at your resort pool

Skip the weekends

Disney Resort prices and Disney Theme Park Tickets are higher on weekends. You can save a little extra by planning to come in on a Sunday and leave on a Friday.

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We have lots of other tips to share with you to help you get the most of your time at Disney. Like tips on using Genie+, booking Lightning Lanes, best times to visit, tips on making dining reservations, information on all of the different restaurants and hotels. Best of all we save you money by always checking for the best rates available for your dates of travel. We are here to help you!

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